2020eighth Beijing international fresh air system, air purifier, formaldehyde and lampblack purification Exhibition

August 25-27,2020

Beijing · National Convention Centre

Exhibition name: 2020 eighth Beijing international fresh air system, air purifier, formaldehyde and lampblack purification Exhibition

Approval unit: Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce

Host unit: Beijing Demeirui Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Forum planning: China Air Purification magazine

I. Exhibition opening time: August 25-27,2020

II. Exhibition arrange time: August 26,2020

III. Exhibition site: Beijing · National Convention Center (No. 7, East Tianchen Road)  

IV. Pavilion (six in total): Overground pavilion: E3+E4   

V. Convention area: Convention area on F3, function hall and the nearby hotel

VI. Exhibition area: 11000 square meters

VII. Special-designed exhibition booth area (square meter): 180, 150, 162, 90, 81, 72, 68, 63, 54, 36 and other various specifications (see details in the booth layout).

VIII. Standard booth: 3*3 Size     9 square meters for one

IX. Main exhibits:

1. Air purifier and industrial chain products: Household / commercial / medical air purifier, air disinfectant machine, oxygenerator, air purifying filter material, filter screen, filter paper, air blower, electric motor, controller, negative ion generator, sensor, mold development and products design company.

2. Fresh air system and industrial chain products: cabinet type fresh air, wall-mounted fresh air, ceiling suspended fresh air, central fresh air, fresh air pipeline, heat exchanger, drilling machine, fresh air initial efficiency / medium efficiency / high efficiency filter screen, fresh air outlet and fresh air system appearance design company.

3. Indoor formaldehyde and odor control products: formaldehyde eliminating agent, pure plant extracting agent, photocatalyst, bio media, automobile automotive management and construction, nano crystalline, negative ion ball, construction tools, etc.

4. Detection instruments: Detection instruments and monitoring systems for PM2.5, formaldehyde, negative ion, TVOC, ozone concentration, etc.

5. Industrial purification: FFU purifier, industrial purifying equipment, medical purification equipment, smoke-gas treatment equipment, off-gas cleaning equipment, kitchen garbage processo, etc.

6. Smart home and Internet of Things: smart home and air purifier industrial design company, APP cloud platform and intelligent control supplier

7. Outdoor air control: key technologies in air pollution monitoring, simulation and decision support, etc.

8. Environment-friendly household appliances: vacuum cleaner, mite removal machine, respirator, oxygen generator, water purifier, straight drinking machine, fast hot water faucet, water boiler and reverse osmosis water treatment equipment;

9. Institutions: industry associations, industry media, purchasing units, testing units, philanthropic organizations and other innovative products and technologies related to “indoor environment and health”.

X. Exhibition Charge:

     Booth charges: (Booth order distribution principle: “first come, first served, wherein the contract shall prevail”)

Domestic enterprises: standard booth: RMB 12800 / booth (9), raw space: RMB 1280/.

Overseas enterprises: foreign invested enterprises: USD 2000/9, raw space: USD 200/

(Raw space is leased on the basis of at least 36 square meters. Additional fees shall be applied for additional set-up: pavilion fee + electricity fee + set-up fee).

Please contact the exhibition business representatives for 2018 “booth discount program”.

XI. New product launch event plan (first draft)

Planning and requirements of new product launch event plan are as follows:

1. For enterprises holding new product launch event, their products required to be produced in batches and obtained inspection reports in line with national standards, have certain innovations in technology and appearance as well as certain influence in the industrial chain.

2. The exhibition area shall not be less than 36 square meters (minimum area of raw space).

3. 5000 yuan is required to be paid in advance, and mainly used in the following three aspects: news pre-publicity by 10 media before the launch event, and news pre-publicity by 10 media after the exhibition. The sponsor will bear a part of expense for large scale, high intensity and high frequency publicity for all the launch events.

4. 90 days prior to the exhibition, three or more full-time staff are required to prepare new product launching matters and can actively cooperate with the sponsor’s overall progress.

5. Conference room options: the site located on your own; the site recommended by the sponsor; the site planned and leased by the sponsor for which the cost will be announced in advance.

6. There are highlights and innovations in the launch event which can add luster for the 2018 Industry Conference.

7. The cost of the launch event shall be budgeted objectively and reasonably.

   For any enterprise who is interested in booking the booth, please contact our staff for the latest booth layout and price policy; all the cooperation shall be subject to the contract.


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